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Network of peer-run organizations and programs from across NYS.

To eliminate the disparities and marginalization of care in NYS communities through the development and implementation of best practices for peer support that are innovative, peer-run, holistic, and trauma-informed.

  • Serve as a community liaison between agencies, programs, community groups, peer workforce, and community members.
  • Provide training and technical assistance or connect people to appropriate entity.
  • Engage with the community at the ground level.

A peer is someone with lived experience with mental health struggles who provides genuine peer support to others with similar experiences. They provide hope that is recovery is possible.

Through membership dues and OMH grant funding. One of the main goals of the IPA is to continuously acquire additional funding opportunities to operate the IPA and to be dispersed to our members.

We currently have 10 full partners and 3 affiliate members. View our members here.

The RPN Coordinator can provide trainings in their area of expertise or connect you to one of our many partners that offer a wide variety of trainings. 

As a community liaison, the RPN Coordinator can provide technical assistance in community outreach and organizing of events or meetings that promote the IPA’s mission.

  • Connection the NYS’s leaders in peer support services
  • Collaborative value-based contracting with managed care organizations
  • Shared resources (legal, interagency policy, trainings, etc.)
  • Unified voice and representation of the peer community
  • Access to funding opportunities for current and future projects or programming